Culinaire CH.HC.I.GDB.3 Hot Cupboard

Culinaire Island Hot Cupboard with Double Gantry and Heat Lamps to Top Shelf
The CulinaireĀ® Island Hot Cupboard has been designed to heat plates and serving dishes. It is capable of holding both plated meals and bulk foods. The Hot Cupboard features a fan-forced heating system, which produces energy saving efficiency, faster heat-up times and even heat distribution. Unit is fitted with a double gantry with infra-red heat lamps to top shelf (Refer to CH.GDB for details). Options: Lift up, fold down work shelf (factory fitted), Left hand controls.
Also available in:
4 Module – CH.HC.I.GDB.4
5 Module – CH.HC.I.GDB.5
6 Module – CH.HC.I.GDB.6
7 Module – CH.HC.I.GDB.7
8 Module – CH.HC.I.GDB.8

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$8.32 / daily
$58.42 / week
$58.42 / week
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  • Available in 3 – 8 module units
  • Unit comes complete with CH.HC.U hot cupboard plus island bench top and double overhead heated gantry fully fitted and wired. Gantry is welded to bench top
  • This display is designed to be installed into a cut out in a new or existing bench top which allows for simple and inexpensive installation
  • Double overhead gantry comes with heat lamps to bottom level
  • Overhead Quartz IR heat lamps provide heat and illumination to the product below
  • Overhead heat lamps are fully adjustable via a solidĀ­state voltage controller for accurate temperature selection
  • Additional information

    Dimensions(mm) Width : 1103
    Depth : 653
    Height : 1640
    Fuel Source


    12 months