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A commercial dishwasher is the most effective way to handle large amounts of dishes in a commercial kitchen. At Sitform, we stock a wide variety of commercial dishwashers including glasswashers, hood-type and under the counter from top brands including Washtech, Hobart and Electrolux.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is a commercial dishwasher?

    The cost of a commercial dishwasher can vary between $4,000 to $25,000 depending on the type of functions required such as; the number of racks available and the washing function. If you have low volume of dishes and limited kitchen space, an undercounter dishwasher can be a suitable choice. Undercounter dishwashers are installed underneath the counter and can wash up to 1,080 dishes depending on the model.

  • How to use a commercial dishwasher?

    All commercial dishwashers use the same cleaning cycle from filling, washing to draining. Before using the dishwasher, it is important to check whether it is operating within the optimal temperature range and that there is enough detergent. After the dishwasher is prepped and operating within the optimal temperature, the plates can be stacked into the dishwasher. However, it is important to pre-rinse the dirty dishes to prevent grease cloggage and to remove all food spots. When you are finished using the commercial dishwasher, ensure that it is drained, cleaned thoroughly and the power is turned off. It is also important to check whether there is any excess debris that needs to be removed from the dishwasher.

  • Does a commercial dishwasher need a grease trap?

    According to Australian legalisation and policies, all waste that contains fat and grease leaving a commercial kitchen should go through a grease trap. A commercial dishwasher should only be used to sanitise crockery, cookware and cutlery and the grease trap should never be installed too close to a dishwasher as the hot temperature can prevent the separation of fat and grease. Fat and grease (FOG) entering the drainage system through a dishwasher can cause problems and cloggage.

  • What temperature should a commercial dishwasher be?

    Safe Food Australia states that the wash and rinse temperature for stationary racks and single-temperature dishwashers should be a minimum of 74°c. All other types of commercial dishwashers should have a minimum of 66°c to 71°c and the rinse temperature should be at least 82°c.

  • Do commercial dishwashers require a hood?

    In Australia, the majority of commercial dishwashers that have a power rating over 6kW and above a bench require an exhaust hood. Food premise and equipment standards dictate that a condensate hood is required above a commercial dishwasher for ventilation purposes and to remove excess steam. When the dishwasher door is opened, the steam and water vapor can increase the kitchen temperature if there is no exhaust hood installed.

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