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Dining outside is becoming more and more popular. The more people are couped up in offices and houses during the day, the more they want to be outside when they have a chance to relax.
This is why, as the owner of a restaurant or bar, you will need outdoor bench seating. Outdoor benches are practical and offer more seating than regular chairs. So when you are setting up your business, it’s a good idea to opt for outdoor bench seating if you are going to offer el fresco dining.

Our outdoor benches are built to withstand the harsh Australian weather. Our benches are manufactured to the highest standards and are built to last. They are built specifically for the commercial market.

If you need outdoor bench seating, have a look at the range we have to offer. If we don’t have exactly what you want or you just want to be a little more creative when designing your restaurant, we can still help you. We will design and manufacture custom made seating to your exact requirements.

Contact us to help you choose the outdoor bench seating that will be right for your business.