SKOPE ALFA NG80 A Self-Contained Ice Cube Maker R290

Produce 80kg/24hours of crystal-clear ice with more power efficiency and virtually zero impact on the environment thanks to R290 Hydrocarbon natural refrigerant. ALFA ice cubes are designed to let you produce more cubes from water, which you can then store in the NG80’s 35kg of built-in storage.

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$5.30 / daily
$37.23 / week
$37.23 / week
Model No:
ALFA NG80 A R290


Features & Benefits:

  • Now with R290 Hydrocarbon natural refrigerant technology for even lower bills and virtually zero impact on the environment
  • Make crystal clear ice every time using a patented spray system
  • Ice type: ALFA – maximizes productivity, cools quickly and melt slowly in the glass
  • Suitable for very hot climates (ambient temperatures up to 43°C)
  • Has 35kg of convenient built in ice storage capacity
  • Designed for small cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants – 715 W x 595 D x 939 H (1044 – 1094) (mm)
  • Easily built into joinery with front and rear-facing ventilation (100mm clearance required)
  • Best suited to: Restaurants / Cafes, Clubs / Pubs / Bars, Hospitality / Venues, Accommodation, Schools, Bakery / Pastry


Additional information

Dimensions(mm) Width : 715
Depth : 595
Height : 939


2 years
  • To activate your SKOPE Warranty Protection, you must register your product within four weeks.
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