Moretti Forni iDM 60.60 – iDeck Single Deck Electric Oven

Temperature adjustment is electronic, with independent control of the ceiling and floor heating elements. The oven door is hinged at the bottom, with a tempered glass window to check the state of the product while it is cooking. The support comprises a painted metal structure, whereas the leavening compartment has a stainless steel structure and is fitted with a heating thermostat. The leavening compartment can reach a maximum temperature of 65°C, whereas the maximum temperature of the baking chamber is 450°C.

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$6.84 / daily
$47.98 / week
$47.98 / week
Model No:
iDM 60.60 - EURQ
 Moretti Forni


Product Features:

  • Dual-Temp® Technology function: inside the baking chamber two thermocouples control and adjust instantly the ceiling and bottom temperatures, to be set up separately by the operator
  • Ergonomic Door Handle: The door of the baking chamber is equipped with a handle which facilitates the hold.
  • Electro Mechanic Control Board: The control board has been conceived to make the oven management easy and instant.
  • Easy Motion Door: The spring inserted in the door facilitates its opening and closure.
  • Smart Heating Techniques: The thicker heating elements guarantee an excellent uniformity of baking.
  • Protected Internal Lighting: The internal lighting is inserted in a compartment to protect it against crashes and breaks.
  • Please refer to the Specification Sheet download below for more information

Additional information

Dimensions(mm) Width : 850
Depth : 920
Height : 363
Fuel Source