Festive – Devon Chilled Compact Countertop Cabinet 900mm CBI

This innovative and unique cabinet incorporates Festivé’s leading MiniTek technology to deliver the most advanced and flexible counter top cabinet on the market- simply plug in and operate (4 ℃ operating temperature)

Available in lengths of:
900mm – DCC9
1200mm – DCC12
1530mm – DCC15
1770mm – DCC18
2370mm – DCC24

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$87.42 / week
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Key Features:

  • Refrigeration fully built into base
  • GlassMax minimalist canopy (more glass/less frame) that maximises the visibility of displayed food from all angles
  • Stainless steel top
    MiniTek compact refrigeration technology built into base of cabinet. No bench cut-outs or condenser installation required and cabinet is freely moveable across benches, between benches and to new locations
    ClearView front glass for condensation control
    Four food display levels: three shelves plus bottom trays; offering more extensive display area than comparable cabinets
    CrumbCatch feature in bottom trays that collects falling crumbs and food
  • Designed to operate at 3 – 5℃ in room environments up to 28℃
  • Refrigeration optimised to provide a high humidity environment that maintains food quality for longer
  • DuraCoat protective coating over the refrigeration coil to prevent food acid corrosion
  • SureVap self-evaporating system for condensate – no drain required
  • SlimLED under-shelf LED strip lighting with 12V safety


Additional information

Dimensions(mm) Width : 900
Depth : 640
Height : 830