Culinaire CR.CWCF.U.GSB – Refrigerated Cold Well Module 3

The Culinaire Under Bench Cold Well with Gantry, is designed to be mounted under a custom made bench top of your choice (manufactured & fitted by others). The visual aspect of the unit is enhanced by the use of 10mm toughened glass on the gantry. The centre section of the glass is painted out black over the stainless steel gantry and is adhesive fixed to the gantry rather than using screw fixings. The full-length fan-forced refrigeration system, mounted to the base of the cold well, provides an even and effective air temperature control system. This system provides the optimum temperature to keep the product cooler for longer. The unit is supplied with a control box for connection to a remote condenser unit. To complement this product, Culinaire also offers a drop-in Bain Marie with gantry.

Also Available in:
4 Module – CR.CWCF.U.GSB.4
5 Module – CR.CWCF.U.GSB.5
6 Module – CR.CWCF.U.GSB.6
7 Module – CR.CWCF.U.GSB.7
8 Module – CR.CWCF.U.GSB.8

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$106.62 / week
$106.62 / week
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Features & Benefits:

  • Available in 3 – 8 module units
  • This display is designed to be mounted under a custom made bench top of your choice (by others)
  • Supports will be required to hold the cold well in position under the bench top
  • The blown air design passes cold air over and under the food pans creating an even cooling effect
  • Gantry is detachable and height adjustable for ease of installation. To be connected by an electrician
  • 10mm toughened flat glass gantry fitted with high impact and low energy L.E.D. lighting
  • Adjustable digital temperature controller allows food to be held between +2℃ to +4℃ in a maximum of 32℃ ambient temperature
  • Undermount refrigeration unit supplied with condensate drain hose for connection to waste
  • Suits gastronorm pans up to 100mm deep (Sold separately)

Additional information

Dimensions(mm) Width : 1162
Depth : 830
Height : 1095
Fuel Source


12 months