Culinaire CH.BMHM.GA.3 – Bain Marie Hot Cupboard

Culinaire Mobile Bain Marie Hot Cupboard with A Frame Gantry
The Culinaire Bain Marie Hot Cupboard features a high powered heavy duty Bain Marie that is designed to hold hot food at the optimum temperature in GN pans up to 150mm deep (sold separately). Wet or dry operation (temperature varies greatly when run dry, should not be left unattended for long periods of time). Manual fill and manual empty, valve operated waste. The hot cupboard features a fan forced heating system, which offers energy saving efficiency, faster heat-up times and even heat distribution. Options: Front glass, sliding doors, sneeze guards (all sold separately) and lift up, fold down work shelf (factory fitted), Radius Well.
Also available in:
4 Module – CH.BMHM.GA.4

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$10.13 / daily
$71.12 / week
$71.12 / week
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  • Available in a 3 or 4 module unit
  • Unit comes complete with CH.BMHM mobile bain marie hot cupboard plus A frame heated gantry fully fitted and wired.
  • The gantry is welded to bench top
  • Overhead Quartz IR heat lamps provide heat and illumination to the product below
  • Overhead heat lamps are fully adjustable via a solid­state voltage controller for accurate temperature selection
  • A frame gantry comes with 6mm toughened glass ends
  • Front glass sliding doors and sneeze guards can be either added as optional extras at the time of order and a fitted in factory or ordered at a separate date for easy fitting by customer

Additional information

Dimensions(mm) Width : 1208
Depth : 679
Height : 1375
Fuel Source


12 months