Culinaire CH.BMH.U.3 Bain Marie Hot Cupboard

Culinaire Under Bench Bain Marie Hot Cupboard
The Culinaire® Bain Marie Hot Cupboard features a high powered heavy duty Bain Marie that is designed to hold hot food at the optimum temperature in GN pans up to 150mm deep (sold separately). Wet or dry operation (temperature varies greatly when run dry, should not be left unattended for long periods of time). The hot cupboard features a fan forced heating system, which offers energy saving efficiency, faster heat-up times and even heat distribution. Ready for connection to hot water inlet and waste with all valves supplied and fitted. Options: Standard stainless steel tops, Gantries, Left hand controls and Radius Well.
Also available in:
4 Module – CH.BMH.U.4
5 Module – CH.BMH.U.5
6 Module – CH.BMH.U.6
7 Module – CH.BMH.U.7
8 Module – CH.BMH.U.8

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$8.51 / daily
$59.70 / week
$59.70 / week
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  • Available in 3 – 8 module units
  • Unit is designed to be mounted under custom made stainless steel bench (by others)
  • Adjustable digital temperature controller allows food to be held between +65°C to +90°C (food must be heated above 65°C before being placed in the bain marie or hot cupboard)
  • Wet or dry operation to bain marie (temperature varies greatly when run dry so unit should not be left unattended for long periods of time)
  • Hot cupboard features a fan forced heating system which offers energy efficiency with faster heat up times and even heat distribution
  • Bain marie suits gastronorm pans up to 150mm deep (sold separately)
  • Additional information

    Dimensions(mm) Width : 1100
    Depth : 750
    Height : 900
    Fuel Source