Office Fitout

Office Fitouts

Office fitouts can be complex depending on the scale of the project. At Sitform, we have everything covered from design, furniture selection to office space renovation. Our experienced team of designerscan create unique office designs or upgrade your current space toimprove well-being and productivity. We understand that it is important to merge your vision with the unique opportunities that your space presents. Our office fitout solution can help simplifythe whole office fitout process.

Why Choose Sitform?

As one of Sydney’s top office fitout company with years of office fitout experience, we have provided both small and big businesses with tailored office fitout designs.

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Insight and Research

During our insight stage, we analyse your workspace and discuss what you are looking for in your new workspace. During this phase, weassess the feasibility in designing an office based on the client’s expectations and we begin to project an estimated budget for various office designs.

Office Ideation and Design

Based on our analysis, we begin ideating and designing your workspace in detail based on the possibilities, objectives and industry trends to ensure that the design is in-line with the client’s expectation. This includes developing a workplace design concept and a detailed budget. Our office fitout service includes project management from the initial stage to waste management .

Implementation and Construction

Our team will manage the project from selecting materials to construction to ensure that the new office space is delivered based on the agreed timeline and design. We coordinate all resources and workers involved in-compliance with WHS regulations and will review work throughout the progress. After construction, our team will inspect the office to ensure it is up to standard from a design and functionality perspective.


Selecting the office furniture is an important aspect of the office fit out process. As office furniture can directly improve staff efficiency and the workspace. We work directly with our clients to find office furniture that is suitable to their office environment and budget. The selection of office furniture can have a huge impact on the office aesthetics and workplace productivity. At Sitform, we have a wide variety of brand furniture available.

Ergonomic Designs


Improves Workplace Productivity


Great Value for Money


Covered by Warranty


Office Storage Furniture

Our team of designers can outfit your office with modern storage furniture based on your storage needs. These include:

Office Seating

It is important to have the correct type of seats in your office to improve employee well-being and productivity. Our team of designers can recommend or select the type of office seating that is suitable for your office environment. These include:

Office Tables

We offer a wide range of reception desks and tables to suit your workspace needs. Our simplistic design helps create a fresh and minimalistic atmosphere in the whole office and meeting rooms. These include:

Design Your Office For Improved Productivity& Employee Well-Being

At Sitform, we are the one-stop shop for all office fitting needs from design to the selection of office furniture. Our tailored office design will take into consideration the office requirements and your branding.We can help design, select furniture and fit out your entire office space based on your vision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an office fit out?

    An office fit out is the process of making office space more suitable for the office’s occupants. The office spaces are designed and renovated based on the office occupants’ needs.An office fitout should take into consideration the office space limitation and the client’s expectation during the office design ideation phase. The fitout can range from installation of equipment, furniture and floors to repainting.

  • How much does it cost to fit out an office??

    The figure for an office fitout can highly vary depending on the scope of the project. As simple office fitouts may only require desks and furniture, while large projects can involve construction and renovation. Talk to one of your specialists today to get a project office fitout quote today.

  • How long does an office fit out take?

    The length of an office fitout can vary depending on the scale of the project. If the office only requires minor alterations to the workspace, it may take a few days not including the time it takes for the furniture to arrive. However, large projects that require full renovation and detail can take much longer.However, on average anoffice fit out project will take between 2 weeks to 16 weeks for the design and construction of the office space.