Commercial Oven

Commercial Oven

The commercial oven is one of the most important kitchen appliances in a commercial kitchen. A well-suited commercial oven can help maintain kitchen output and create quality food. We have 4 different types of ovens available; bakery ovens, combination ovens, convection ovens and conveyor ovens, from top brands including Moretti, UNOX, Rational, Giorik, Convotherm, Hobart and Turbofan. Our commercial oven range is suitable for bakeries, restaurants and cafes that need to cook large volumes of food at a consistent quality.

As our commercial oven range features different brands, models and functions, we can help recommend the most suitable commercial oven for your establishment. There are several different factors that we take into account when recommending a commercial kitchen including your budget, food needs and kitchen space.Contact us today for more information about our commercial oven models and our flexible payment options.

Our Commercial Oven Range

Types of Commercial Ovens

Bakery Oven

The bakery oven is suitable for those that are looking to produce bread, cakes and pastries at a commercial rate. Our bakery ovens have several features in-built to provide users with complete control over the baking process including temperature control, moisture sprayers and deck customisation. The bakery oven is available in different sizes and decks – single and double. It is important to consider the kitchen floor space available and food output required when choosing a bakery oven.

Combi Oven

The combi oven, also known as a combination oven, offers steam, convection or a combination of both to cook food. These are suitable for restaurants and catering businesses that are looking to buy separate equipment for steaming and convection, as the combi oven offers the same output. Therefore, a combi oven helps save cooking time and money in the long term. The combi oven provides versatile features and can distribute heat more evenly to render fats better than other commercial ovens. The use and generation of steam by combi ovens requires a water supply and more floor space in comparison with other ovens. The combination oven is available in different sizes and stands – floor standing and countertop, so it is important to consider the kitchen floor space available when making your decision.

Convection Oven

The convection oven, also known as the fan oven, uses an internal fan to distribute heat throughout the oven. The internal heat reduces meat shrinkage (increasing flavour) and the cooking time required. The cooking time required is reduced by roughly 25% and can render fat better than other types of commercial ovens. The convection ovenis suitable for bakeries and restaurants that are looking to buy a more traditional commercial oven. The convection oven is available in either electric or gas models with different types of stands – countertop and floor standing.

Conveyor Oven

The conveyor oven is a great option for takeaway shops and catering businesses that are looking to cook a high volume of food at a consistent quality. The conveyor oven is designed so that the food can be placed on top of a conveyor roller and is fed through heat to cook the top and bottom evenly, producing a consistent output quality.  It is important to consider the types of food that can fit within the conveyer oven opening when comparing different models. Certain conveyer models can be stacked to increase the volume of food output. The conveyor oven is available in either electric or gas models and with different stacks – single, double and triple.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a commercial oven?

    A commercial oven is a kitchen appliance that is used in a commercial kitchen for baking or heating food, depending on its functionality. Commercial ovens tend to have a larger capacity and more power in comparison to residential ovens and can cook large amounts of food at a stable rate. Commercial ovens tend to be powered by two different power sources – gas and electric.

  • How much does a commercial oven cost?

    A commercial oven can vary depending on the brand, model, type of oven and features available, and can cost between $3,000 to $40,000 based on these factors. Combi ovens tend to cost more as they offer more functions (steam, convection and combination) than other types of single-function oven (convection etc). The installation price and whether there is a need for a water supply should be taken into consideration when choosing a commercial oven.

  • What kind of ovens do bakeries use?

    Bakeries tend to use commercial convection ovens, as the internal fans can create an even distribution of heat, which creates a browning effect and provides stable output quality. The convection oven can be used to bake a wide variety of items including bread, cookies, pies and cake. Certain bakeries also use convection steamers to increase the baked food quality. The convection oven is the most popular choice and depending on the brand, it can be the least expensive type of oven that is suitable for baking goods.

  • Does a commercial oven need a hood?

    An exhaust hood (Type I) is required for the use of convection ovens. An exhaust hood provides ventilation and fire protection for workers and customers by removing odours, heat, steam, grease and smoke that is created when a commercial oven is being used or when the door is opened. Certain combination ovens do not require an exhaust hood, and all commercial kitchen exhaust hoods should meet with AS/NZS 1668.1-2015 and AS 1668.2-2012 standards.