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Sitform offers a turn-key solution for cafes, restaurants and businesses.

With a commercial kitchen, it’s paramount to make use of the space available with mindful planning and design to achieve an optimal commercial kitchen layout.

It’s also very important that the kitchen design has a good workflow to produce great collaboration and seamless workspace for the team.

A commercial kitchen is required to use commercial grade facilities. Stainless steel is very popular for commercial kitchens. It’s hygienic, easy to clean and maintain.

Stainless steel is very versatile and we can custom make a great range of products to suit your commercial kitchen such as kitchen cupboards, splash-backs, exhaust hoods, ducting and more.

Within a commercial kitchen, several activities are going on at the same time and although the aim is to produce great food, the chef and the team have to also consider the various risks that may occur such as cross-contamination of food, accidents by the use of sharp knives, chemical spills, etc.

We can assist you not only with commercial kitchen equipment but also storage solutions that will complement the systems that you have in place to make your kitchen well organised, safe and a great place to work.

If you plan on setting up a commercial kitchen or redoing the one you currently have, contact us to see how we can help you set up and materialise the commercial kitchen of your dreams.