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For over 25 years, Sitform has administered excellence in architectural joinery. Whether you are considering renovating an existing building and create a fresh new look or to open a new business, it is important that you pay the necessary attention to joinery.

If you want woodwork that’s both decorative and strong, then you need Sitform. We are professional joiners and will give you exactly what you need. We make use of butt joints, cross lapped joints, dado joints, dovetail joints, doweled joints – to name but a few.

We are able to give you some very intricate joints, with meticulous attention to every detail. We can make it a decorative feature in your business.

When choosing joiners, it is important that you choose an experienced company you can trust. Our fine craftsmanship and expertise are unparalleled.

When you decide to open a company or be involved with running a company, you have a passion for the business and seeing the business blossom and grow. Let us share your passion and help make the dreams you have for your business a reality.

By ensuring that you have the best for every aspect of your business, including joinery, you will have a business you can be proud of.

You’ll be surprised how some custom joinery will add value without a big costly outlay to your business.
At Sitform we specialize in shop fit outs, which includes joinery. We can help you create the desired look and feel in your business, which will create an ambience to which your clients will want to return again and again.

Our friendly and experienced staff will discuss with you your joinery needs, in order to ensure that we manufacture and install fittings which are not only of the highest quality, but also meets your specifications.

We do joinery for cafés, clubs, pubs, hotels and restaurants and other businesses. Whatever your joinery needs, whether you have a large company or small, we have the expertise to meet those needs.

We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that we deliver the best quality joinery whilst keeping your budget in mind. Contact us to discuss your joinery needs and how we can assist you in your business.