Adande Undercounter Fridge Drawer Systems

Adande patented refrigerated insulated drawer solution has evolved into a modular unit that has proven itself with commercial catering equipment all over the world.

– Precise, temperature control at incremental settings from fridge (+15°C) to freezer (-22°C) set Adande units apart.
– Each drawer is capable of being individually set as a fridge OR freezer.
– Superior cold storage conditions, using less energy, than traditional refrigeration designs.
Fish held at precisely +1.0°C without the need for ice stays fresher for longer, and is easier to filet
Fresh meat stored in an Adande set at exactly +2°C suffers less from dehydration or drip loss.
–  Ice creams and sorbets held at -15°C stay at the ideal serving temperature without any ice crystals forming.
Fries spit less when cooked, take up less oil and are cooked to a consistent standard when they are stored in an Adande.
–  Seafood, pasta, pastries, salad and garnishes are amongst the many other different food types that are better kept in a such a stable and precisely controlled environment.

Adande’s units come in several different sizes and formats.